Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 07/01/2020

1. Overview of Privacy Policy

Welcome to our Privacy Policy (“Policy”). This Policy relates to the information Adventuretects LCC (“Adventuretects”) collects from you when you book the travel itinerary services (“Itinerary Services”) that we provide through (the “Site”).

In order to provide the Itinerary Services to you, it will be necessary to collect certain related information from you, including personally identifiable information (“personal information”) and non-personally identifiable information (“non-personal information”). This Policy describes how we collect, use, share, and protect your information, including the rights you have.

Adventuretects is based in the State of California, United States (“US”), where we provide the Itinerary Services and process your information from. By using the Site and our Itinerary Services from other locations, you are aware that you will be sharing your information with us in the US and that we will process your information in accordance with the privacy laws prevalent in the US. For the sake of the GDPR law that applies to users from the EU and EEA communities, Adventuretects is your data controller.


2. Definition of Terms

3. What Information does Adventuretects collect from you, and How?

When you interact with us, including by accessing the Site, engaging in a phone or email conversation with us, and using our Itinerary Services, we collect certain personal and non-personal information, which you willingly share with us or we collect automatically using programmed software, respectively. See below:

3.1 Personal Information (willingly shared by you)

Personal Information is any information that can be used to identify who you are. We do not forcefully obtain your personal information unless you consent or willingly share them with us. The personal information we collect when you use our Itinerary Services includes your full name, email address, address (city and country), profession, travel plans, ID card, and other blurbs such as your hobbies and passions and personal interests. We also collect your payment information, which may be your PayPal or Credit/Debit Card information (whichever one you choose between both).

If you are using the Group Explorer plan, i.e., if you are using our Itinerary Services along with your friends, we will collect their full names, age, and address (nationality) along with your information.

The above information may be collected through various means such as: (i) during a phone consultation with you, (ii) when you contact us through our email address for questions, complaints, and other issues, (iii) when you submit your payment information in order to process your payments, (iv) when you reply or take part in our surveys, promotions, bonuses, contests, or sweepstakes, (v) when you opt-in to register as a user on the Site, (vi) when you submit your government-issued ID for verification, and (vii) when you interact with us on our social media pages such as Facebook through Facebook Ads.

3.2 Non-Personal Information that we automatically collect

When you access the Site as a visitor, we use programmed software or tracking tools, including cookies, Google Analytics, and Tracking Pixels to collect some non-personal information from you, such as IP Address, device information, location, and device operating system. See below:

a) Device Information: We collect device information such as IP Address, browser type, and operating system with tracking tools such as cookies, Facebook pixels, and Google Analytics when you access the Site and when you download our mobile application.

b) Location Information: We do not forcefully collect your location information when you access the Site; however, we may be able to pinpoint your location through your IP Address. Location does not include your home address but the city or country.

c) Analytical Information: We collect analytical information through Google Analytics (described in section 7.2 below). Analytical information does not include personal information but anonymous information about visitors on the Site. Analytics helps us measure the metrics and dimensions of traffic to the Site. The information collected under analytical information includes the number of visitors or users on the Site, the part of the Site they are on, the sources of traffic on the Site, and the number of blog views.

d) Transactional Information: We keep the details about your payments and transactions for future purposes.

e) Cookie Information and other tracking tools: See section 7, “Cookies and other tracking technologies,” to see how we use cookies and other tracking tools/technologies.

4. What Adventuretects use the information it collects for

When we collect the categories of information we collect above, we use them to provide you with our Itinerary Services and other related purposes. See below to learn – in details – what the categories of information above are used for:

5. Our Legal Basis for Processing Information

For users in the EU and EEA communities, Adventuretects processes your information in order to fulfill the contract we have with you, verify your identity, comply with relevant privacy laws, and communicate with you when it is necessary.

6. The disclosure of your information

The information we collect about you through the means described above will not be disclosed to any third party other than as described below:

6.1 Disclosure to Service Providers

We employ certain companies to carry out specific tasks on our behalf (“Service Providers”). For example, we hire Service Providers who help us with marketing, advertising, survey practices, maintenance, developments, and payment processing on the Site. These Service Providers will not be able to carry out these tasks without having access to your information. For example, to process your payments for our Itinerary Services, our payment processor may need your Credit/Debit Card details to send your payments.

Despite the need to share your information with our Service Providers, we always ensure they only use your information for the tasks they are contracted for. They have a duty, by agreement, to keep your information confidential and limited to our Itinerary Services only.

6.2 Disclosure under the Law

We comply with the law and government officials by cooperating when the need arises. We may disclose information to any law enforcement when it is necessary (i) to respond to claims, disputes, and legal processes, including subpoenas and summonses; (ii) to protect the rights and intellectual properties of Adventuretects, other users of the Site, and the public; and (iii) to prevent any nefarious, illegal, or criminal activities such as fraud.

6.3 Disclosure under a Business Transfer

Sometimes, businesses develop or crumble, and actions such as acquisition, sale of assets, merger, and consolidation may be the next option. Should Adventuretects be involved in any of a business transfer actions, which may involve another company or companies working with us, we will have no choice but to disclose or share information with the company/companies. A business transfer action will be communicated to you, and you will be made known of the next steps.

6.4 Disclosure within the Adventuretects family

When we open more branches and expand, we will disclose information about you – when necessary – to companies that are under our umbrella.

6.5 Disclosure to Companies that provide the Third Party Services

When we book third party services such as reservations, tours, attractions, and lodgings from Third Party Service providers, we are required to submit some information about you to them, including your name and contact information.

7. Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies

We use cookies and other tracking technologies such as Google Analytics and Tracking Pixels to improve your experience on the Site. Among other things, these tools help us with our marketing, advertisements, and other features, such as identifying users and saving their preferences. See below:

7.1 Cookies

Cookies are tiny pieces of data or codes that we automatically place on your device browser to collect certain preferences about you. The cookies are set by our Service Providers and us when they perform certain tasks on our behalf. We use the session cookies, which only last for a browsing session and expires when you close your browser. Session cookies help us to log in and log out users and register new users on the Site. This further helps us to save each user’s access to their profiles where we will store information such as past, upcoming, and future trips, and other personal information such as name, age, nationality, password, and payment method.

However, you have the right to block cookies from being set on your device browser if you do not want us to track you through cookies. You can do this by searching through the help section of any applicable browser. Please, be aware that if you block cookies from tracking your preferences, some of the features on the Site may not be unavailable to you. For example, we will not be able to save your login details. This means that you will have to type your login details anytime you want to access your user account.

7.2 Google Analytics

As described under section 3.2(a) and 3.2(c) above, we use Google Analytics, a tracking tool provided by Google Inc, to collect analytical information about visitors on the Site. Google Analytics uses cookies to gather this information, which is anonymous in nature. You can also disable Google Analytics from tracking you by installing the “Google Analytics Opt-Out” add-on on your browser. To learn more about Google Analytics and its uses, see Google Inc’s privacy policy here.

7.3 Facebook Pixels

We use Facebook Pixels too. It is a code that is placed on the Site to track information about conversion from our Facebook Ads. It helps us identify if the users that took action about our ads on Facebook. This information then helps us to optimize our Ads, build targeted audiences for future ads, and remarket to people who have taken action before.

8. How Adventuretects secures your Information

Adventuretects is aware of the need to secure your information and prevent third parties or unauthorized persons from having access to or use them. This has prompted us to employ sophisticated measures in ensuring your information is safely transmitted to and from our Site. We utilize SSL Encryption software, which helps us to encrypt all information transmitted to and from the server and our Site. Also, we are not in the business of selling or sharing information with third parties for their marketing purposes or benefits. In addition, we store your information on our secure server, where few of our employees have access to it.

Despite the above measures, including any measure that may be developed later, you will agree with us that they may never be enough to counter every threat to your information. Adventuretects will not be liable if your information is bypassed or accessed by theft. You also have a responsibility regarding your privacy: Please, ensure you keep your account login details confidential.

9. Marketing Communications

We may occasionally send you marketing communications to your email address, which you have consented to by submitting your email address to us. When you install our mobile app, we may also send you push notifications and messages for our marketing and advertising needs when you grant us permission. Marketing communications may contain messages on offers, bonuses, and promotions about our Itinerary Services, which we think may be of interest to you.

We will send marketing communications to your email address and push notifications to your phone until you opt-in to unsubscribe. You can unsubscribe from our email list by using the “unsubscribe” link in any message sent to your email address. You may block push notifications and messages on the mobile app by changing your permissions in your phone’s privacy settings.

Please, note that marketing communications do not include administrative messages, including but not limited to changes to this Policy, our agreements, Itinerary Services, discontinuance of a Site feature, and other messages, which do not relate to marketing.

10. Your Rights and Choices

In addition to the rights and choices already described in this Policy regarding your information, you have the below rights:

10.1 Modifying your Information

You have the right to edit or modify any information you submitted to us, including your payment information and profile information. To modify your profile information such as your name, email address, location, hobbies, likes, profession, and interests, go through your profile area and change your preferences. To update your payment information, you may need to contact us via [email protected].

10.2 Deleting your Information

You have the right to request the deletion of your information or termination of your user account at any time. Once you make your request by sending us a message at [email protected] or use the delete option on your profile, we will delete all the personal information you have with us. However, certain information such as your transactions, IP Address, and device information may remain on our server for much longer. This is to comply with applicable law and to protect our rights and interest in the event of claims. If you are using our Itinerary Services from locations within the EU or EEA, you have, in addition to the above rights and choices, the following listed rights:

11. International Transfer of Information

We provide our Itinerary Services from our base of operation here in the US, where we process your information in accordance with the US privacy laws. However, some of our Service Providers may be located in other countries where the privacy laws may not be as adequate as that of the US or your location.

Despite the above, we will ensure your information is processed in accordance with this Policy. Adventuretects will ensure each of our Service Providers maintains confidentiality when using your information. For users in the EU and EEA areas, your information will be processed in accordance with the GDPR Law.

12. Retention Period of your Information

Adventuretects has no intention of storing any information for longer than is necessary. While some information such as your ID stays for a short period of time after its collection, other information such as your transactions and profile information stay much longer. We will keep your profile information for as long as you still have an account with us. Your profile information will be deleted upon your request or when we terminate your user account.

However, we may keep information relating to your transaction and IP Address with us for much longer even when you request for your information to be deleted, or we have your user account terminated due to a breach of our Terms and Conditions or applicable law. This is to comply with relevant laws or to protect our rights.

13. Our Policy about Children (Minors)

We do not provide our Itinerary Services or welcome children/minors (people below 18 years of age or 16 in some countries) to submit personal information to us or access the Site. By using our Itinerary Services, you confirm to Adventuretects that you are not a minor in your location. If we find out that you are a child or minor, we will have your participation terminated without liability.

14. Third Party Adverts

We may post video adverts on the Site, which may link to third party websites such as YouTube. These videos are for adverts and for your information only. If you access the websites whose videos we posted on the Site, please ensure that you review their privacy policy before submitting any information to them. This Policy does not govern the content of these adverts; therefore, we will not be liable to you for any loss of privacy as a result of the links you access on the Site.

15. Changes to this Policy

We, in our discretion, may review and change this Policy from time-to-time. Any changes made to this Policy will be communicated at the top of this current Policy, and the date in which it is changed will be displayed at the top (the effective date). Unless we say otherwise, this current Policy is applicable to all the information we already have about you and your account. You are implored to check this Policy for changes or updates to it. In our discretion, changes may be communicated to you via your email address. You are, however, advised to update your contact information to a more current and active one.

16. Contact Us

To learn more about this Policy, or you would like to make a complaint, ask a question, or give a suggestion, please contact Adventuretects through our contact information below: 

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